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Who is Samuel Parent? I don’t much like talking about me, but I do enjoy talking about what I do.

I am an independant digital / interactive marketing and media consultant. I work projects for media, ad agencies and advertisers (marketers). My area of expertise is my in-depth understanding of the entire digital AND off-line / traditional / legacy ecosystems from both the marketing and advertising stand points. I can teach, coach or help you do it right.

I am also the General Manager of the Montreal-based ad club Réseau APCM (association of professionnal communicators and marketers).

What can I do for you?

I was full-time vice-president of IAB Canada, director of Education and Quebec between 2011 and 2013. I was the regional director for Quebec and did custom & public training for IAB Canada in French and English. I have been involved with IAB Canada since it came to Quebec in 2001 until 2014, and was involved with this province’s previous digital organisation, the BPIQ (Bureau de la publicité interactive du Québec).

I am now involved in a much broader individual-based association of  professionnal communicators and marketers : Réseau APCM


I hold a Digital Media Sales Certification from IAB (US) since January 2013. For IAB Canada, I teach the following courses: Integrated Digital Marketing, Digital Media Sales, Social Media Marketing, Programmatic Media Buying, and Mobile Marketing, in English and in French.

I have worked in marketing / communications since 1994. I’ve worked in marketing research, media research (Saine Marketing and TéléDirect (now Yellow Media)), planning and buying for traditional and interactive media (Publicité M.B.S. / MediaCom, Cossette Média and Draft Montréal). I’ve worked as Internet media sales representative and marketing director for  Showbizz.net, and media sales director for online (Summum Web Média) and magazines (Summum and Adorable).

I then spent 6 years as General Manager, Internet – Quebec at Corus Entertainment where I was responsible to oversee local and national sales, web development and the digital newsroom for the following radio station websites: CKOI.com, CKACsports.com, 985fm.ca,  925theQ.com. I also worked at Mediative as the Eastern Canada Sales Director for a brief time in 2011.

To better know who I am, consult my LinkedIn, which is most relevant to this blog and why I’m doing it. And if you really feel like it, look me up everywhere else (see on right). Or better yet, contact me to see what we can do together.

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  1. John Cameron
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    I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your experience in monetizing websites. We are at the early stage of building the business and forecasting is critical of course. Your blogs are very helpful but I’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail to see if there is a resource out there that I might be able to hire to help us through this process. I can be reached at 705-719-7977.

    thanks for your time and have a great day


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