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An Interactive Communications Audit reviews every aspect of your internal and external digital communications in relation to your objectives and parameters, considering them in light of known best practices. The audit is much more than an SEM or social diagnostic.

An Interactive Communications Audit is more akin to a home inspection than an accounting audit. It inventories every aspect of your digital communicationsstrategy by inspecting your methods and measurement tools (dashboards) to simplify their understanding, thus allowing for smoother optimization of your marketing efforts.

Moreover, the ICA is a transparent and objective process designed to report on your current situation and understandable recommendations that consider your business reality.

The Scope

An Interactive Communications Audit requires many hours spent in interviews and analysis.See below a summary of the scope of the ICA.

ACI scope 3.3 complete

You may opt for a shorter audit which would focus only on either your owned marketing or your paid marketing (advertising).

The full audit represents 200 questions and requires up to 24 hours to complex. The owned marketing audit is 176 questions and requires up to 15 hours. The paid marketing audit is 78 questions and requires up to 9 hours.  We can start with one and do the other at a later date – the second one will be shorter as many questions don’t need to be asked twice.

You get get more on the scope of the audit here.

No bias / neutrality guarantee

The ICA is an objective and transparent process, unbiased from follow up services.

The only service we may offer following an audit is specific training to help you better understand recommendations and their application so you may take better business decisions concerning your interactive communications going forward.

Why do you need an AUDIT?

Digital is now an integral part of your communications plans. You are submerged by tons of data, measurement, KPIs and opinions. Which ones truly align with your business objectives? Which ones tell you what’s going on? The Interactive Communications Audit looks at every aspect of your digital communications and how you measure it to help you see clearer how to optimize this budget.

Interactive communications audit Benefits

The benefits of performing an  are clear:

  • Learn if your digital communications are measured appropriately.
  • Identify the relevant KPIs for your objectives and measure your efforts with confidence.
  • Understand the added value your internal and external teams bring you.
  • Your future digital communications efforts will be more efficient, quicker to execute and easier to implement.
  • Your return on investment (ROI) and ad spend (ROAS) will increase.

The ICA can be customized to fit your digital breadth and scope.

Who am I?

Titan Interactive is Samuel Parent’s consulting firm in integrated & digital communications. Samuel Parent, DMSC (Digital Media Sales Certification) has 20 years’ experience in marketing and advertising, with offline and online media. His career has taken him through ad agencies (Publicité MBS, Cossette, Draft Initiative), market research (Saine Marketing), digital media sales (, Corus Québec, Mediative), publishing and web development (Corus Québec). As a trainer (IAB Canada, Université de Montréal), he has learned to efficiently share his experience and knowledge to his audience’s benefit.

Download this page as a PDF document, or the summary one page document here.

For more information, contact Samuel Parent at Titan Interactive at 514-949-5201.
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