Interactive Communications Audit

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Tracking digital marketing communications performance is a real challenge for many companies. Available sources of measurement and analytics are varied and complementary, rendering analysis and interpretation of results more complex.

This is why the Interactive Communications Audit was created. It seeks to see clear across your practices and your performance through a rigorous process which investigates your interactive communications methods, your measurement tools and key performance indicators.

The benefits of the audit are plenty. Rather than judge how you do things, it recommends how to improve to obtain better results, become more agile and accelerate your executions.

ACI process 3.3Download this page in PDF format.

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If the idea of such an audit is of interest to you, I invite you to learn more in the full service presentation here.

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To learn more about the audit and how it can be adapted for your organization, please contact Samuel Parent at Titan Interactive at 514-949-5201.

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