Digital Media Planning & Buying

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Titan Interactive offer a digital media planning and buying service for direct clients and smaller ad agencies that don’t possess the knowledge to properly execute digital campaigns. We can also be called upon for punctual work if need be.

This service is not limited to relatively easy to manage programmatic media such as AdWords with Google and Facebook Ads but also with direct negotiations with media partners for online display, email advertising, video and native – all depending on your needs, means and objective.


Titan Interactive, launched in November 2004, offers many different services where digital marketing, communications and advertising is concerned. These now include digital media planning and buying, online research, consulting, training and interactive communications auditing.

Titan Interactive is really the corporate entity of Samuel Parent, DMSC, who holds over 20 years of experience with traditional and digital media. He worked 6 years in ad agencies in a planning and buying role and 10 years in media sales and sales management. More importantly, he’s worked over 10 years in digital marketing training directly with advertisers, ad agencies and digital media publishers.

Who is this for?

  • Small to medium sized advertising agencies who do not have a digital expertise or need a little help to go the extra mile with a particularly picky client
  • Businesses (advertisers) looking for media planning and buying accompaniment in their own in-house management of these tasks

Planning & buying process with TITAN

You have a digital media campaign you need to prepare / have prepared? No problem.

  1. Submit to Titan Interactive your campaign brief with any relevant history without forgetting your success metric and how you plan to track it
    • Not sure about the last 2 items? I can help you with them
  2. We will get back to your with a campaign calendar and justification / explanation of our recommendations as well as what will be required for each
  3. Once approved (everything is open for debate or discussion), Titan proceeds to negotiating and securing the desired media inventory. Media contracts (insertion orders) can be signed by Titan Interactive, but will be billed directly to the client by media partners
  4. We track your digital campaign regularly and will update you on where we are at and what we’re doing to optimize your media investment
  5. Once completed, a final report with comments and recommendations will be presented

Titan’s own billing to you will be akin to a time sheet justifying all the time spend on your account, rounded to the last 15 minutes (not the next). You will receive a monthly invoice for our time spent.

You should expect me to spend a minimum of 7 hours on an average digital campaign (with media budget between $5,000 and $100,000) – that will of course vary on the complexity, breadth and duration of your campaign.

Titan Interactive’s hourly rate is $150. That will lower to $125 if an average of 6 hours a month can be maintained for a minimum of 3 months.

Contact us to discuss further

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