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Looking for a digital marketing / communications / advertising consultant? Try Titan Interactive for your consulting needs; Samuel Parent has knowledge and experience across the entire digital spectrum on both buy and sell sides of the industry.

Titan Interactive is owned by Samuel Parent, DMSC, who has a long and diverse background in marketing, communications, advertising and media sales. He teaches several courses for IAB Canada: integrated digital marketing, interactive advertising and online marketing, social media marketing (including content marketing strategy), mobile marketing, programmatic media buying, introduction to online media buying and digital media sales, most since 2004 (see here the training performed by Samuel Parent).

Samuel’s difference is his objectivity and broad spectrum of knowledge. Rather than a specialist of any kind, Samuel is a digital marketing generalist – he can see clearly across all digital marketing, communications and advertising disciplines and tactics be they paid, owned or earned. Samuel is also knowledgeable about SEM, SEO, analytics, campaign optimisation, attribution, and the trends affecting digital display like fraud and viewability, programmatic for both the buy and sell sides of the equation. He is further knowledgeable about many technological platforms involved in marketing such as CRMs, analytics solutions, ad servers and media research access.

Can Samuel help you?

Most assuredly yes! He can produce a media or project evaluation or validation and review with you to ensure all digital components have been considered from all aspects.

He can help you develop or optimize a digital project or your use of any digital platform; those you own / control and those you need to pay for.

Samuel has experience with traditional and digital media – he knows what really is digital’s place in your tool kit, all depending on your objectives. His past work experience has led him to lead and interact with companies large medium and small, local regional and national, in various industries. He can adapt to your needs, where ever you are in your process. Moreover, Samuel is perfectly bilingual.


His experience has brought him from marketing research (surveys and focus groups) to traditional media planning and buying, media measurement, digital advertising in agencies before 2000 and in 2005. From 2000 through 2011 he worked on the sales side predominantly for digital but sometimes with magazines and sometimes with radio. This includes the general management of a digital department including strategy, sales, content and development.

Samuel has completed many consulting projects since 2004, on top of his regular day job and industry implication, for agencies, advertisers and media groups directly.

Samuel’s unique experience has forced him to always keep an open mind and be objective in all his positions as they reflect on this organization. This principally comes from having been the Quebec regional director of IAB Canada since 2001. This experience, with his knowledge of digital media sales and agency campaign management, the numerous training performed since 2002 make Samuel a consultant like no other, in whom you can trust his objectivity.


Contact Samuel now to start a preliminary discussion to determine if Samuel can be of use to you.

If I can not the ideal consultant to help you in your current situation, I undoubtedly know someone who can.

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