2019+ traditional media predictions advertising

Traditional Media predictions for 2019 and beyond

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Are you already wondering what traditional media predictions for 2019 will look like? I’ve compiled a whole bunch of traditional media predictions for 2019 and beyond. This series of posts is now an annual feature on this blog. However, this year they’ll be shorter and published weekly. 2019 & Beyond Traditional Media Predictions This post […]

2017 advertising in review

2017 advertising in review

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What happened in 2017 where advertising is concerned? Like last year, I’ve split 2017 in review into several posts. Previously we’ve covered: 2017 in general 2017 in business Today’s post is all about the year in advertising: ad agencies, ad blocking, ad fraud, ad spend, ad tech, advertising in general Ad agency Top 100 Digital […]

How has media time spent changed in Canada in 2014?

How has media time spent changed in Canada in 2014? IAB Canada’s Canadian Media Usage Trends Study (CMUST) is the only Canadian study crossing all major media and combining each channel’s research audience currency of record, five currencies in all.