Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland

The Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland was established on July 2 1998 and is located in Tower City in the heart of downtown (which isn’t very big). It is on 2 levels.

Hard Rock Cafe Four Winds

Hard Rock Cafe Four Winds

The Hard Rock Cafe Four Winds opened July 11th 2012 and regularly presents concerts. Foreigner was playing there a few nights later.

Hard Rock Cafe Florence

My sister visited Florence in the 1990s and brought back a t-shirt for my collection. However, back then, the Hard Rock Cafe Florence was not an official Hard Rock Cafe (there are a few of those). It has since closed and a real one now resides in the city.

HRC Detroit

Hard Rock Cafe Detroit

The Hard Rock Cafe Detroit looks like a garage, as an hommage to garage bands. Much of the decor is centered on Kiss but there’s also a lot of David Bowie, Alice Cooper and Stevie Wonder.

Hard Rock Cafe Dallas

My father visited the Hard Rock Cafe Dallas at least 20 years ago – I still have the T-Shirt he brought back for me in its original location.

Top 5 Hard Rock Cafe of 2015

I use this tribune to share with you my love of the Hard Rock Cafe by presenting a monthly review from different locations either visited by myself or friends who took pictures or brought things back for me. So which are the top 5 Hard Rock Cafe of 2015?