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2018 advertising predictions

2018 Advertising Predictions

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2018 predictions are divided into 5 posts this week: 2018 in general (Monday) 2018 in general, business, consumer & science (Wednesday) 2018 marketing predictions (Thursday) 2018 ad spend forecasts (Friday) 2018 advertising predictions (Monday) 2018 mobile marketing predictions (Tuesday) 2018 technology predictions (Wednesday) Today, discover 2018 ad spend forecasts for: advertising, ad fraud, ad measurement, media, media […]

Ad Spend in 2018 & beyond

Ad Spend in 2018 & beyond

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Are you looking for ad spend forecasts? For total media? For digital only? For television? Whatever you’re looking for, I likely have a link for it in this post! 2018 AND BEYOND So far I’ve covered the following topics in previous posts : the future in general, consumers & demographics, the environment, food, health, marketing, privacy, science, and travel. This time around, we’re […]

Programmatic - problematic for publishers

Programmatic – problematic for publishers

Media bought programmatically, or in an automated way is now unavoidable for most advertising agencies and advertisers. It is also part of the publisher’s landscape to some extent. Are there only benefits to programmatic buying? No, there are actually quite a few serious problems that face publishers specifically.

How to calculate a cost per point (CPP)

This post will be of use to both buyers and sellers in understanding how to calculate a cost per point where digital is concerned.

Online GRP, here now? How?

Whenever I’m teaching a group on digital media and start exploring pricing models or measurement and get to the CPP or online GRPs, I always get asked, “what’s a point?” or “what’s a online GRP?”

What are advanced media pricing models?

This post will address these more advanced media pricing models.

Does your media sales team need digital training?

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Do you work in traditional or digital media sales? Are there still any traditional-only media sales teams out there? Besides out of home that is? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this post is for you.