2017 business in review

2017 Business in review

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What happened to business in 2017? Like last year, I’ve split 2017 in review into several posts. Yesterday we covered the last year in general and today’s post is about the reviewing the past year in business, from analytics & BI to e-commerce and privacy. ANALYTICS / BIG DATA / MEASUREMENT The State of Marketing […]

8 Dimensions of paid media PROMO

How to easily navigate online advertising – INFOGRAPHIC

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There are 8 dimensions in paid marketing or media if you prefer. Out of the 3 types of marketing – paid, owned and earned – paid is the only one that is in fact media or advertising.

Is ad targeting dependent on campaign objective?

Does ad targeting depend on your campaign’s objective? You may have seen my recent post on KPIs depending on your campaign’s objective. Can we make the same case for ad targeting as we made for KPIs? Campaign objectives As I wrote in my previous blog post, campaign objectives, in the digital world come in three […]

Which targeting option is good for which campaign objective?

Targeting options, there are a great many of them. Have you ever considered whether or not one option was even appropriate for a particular campaign objective?

Context is not just screens

Context is not just screens. “Context” includes much more than screens. What most people call screens, I call platforms. They are one of 3 dimensions of my model that are relevant to “context”: platforms, environments and targeting.

A case to standardize behavioral data definitions

If you’ve ever bothered to ask your sales rep, or if you’ve attended any of my digital marketing training in the past 5 years, you are aware that similarly-named behavioral data definitions vary wildly