2018 advertising predictions

2018 Advertising Predictions

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2018 predictions are divided into 5 posts this week: 2018 in general (Monday) 2018 in general, business, consumer & science (Wednesday) 2018 marketing predictions (Thursday) 2018 ad spend forecasts (Friday) 2018 advertising predictions (Monday) 2018 mobile marketing predictions (Tuesday) 2018 technology predictions (Wednesday) Today, discover 2018 ad spend forecasts for: advertising, ad fraud, ad measurement, media, media […]

Advertising in 2018 & beyond

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Are you seeking a crystal ball to tell you what the future holds for advertising? Look no further! 2018 AND BEYOND So far I’ve covered the following topics in previous posts: The future in general. This post covers consumers & demographics, the environment,  food,  health, marketing, privacy, science, travel, Ad Spend in 2018+. This post covers ad spend globally, cinema ad spend, digital […]

2017 Advertising Predictions

2017 Advertising Predictions

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What are the 2017 predictions in where advertising is concerned? These 2017 predictions aren’t only for online predictions, but for offline media as well! More specifically, we’ll divide these into advertising in general, ad agencies, ad blocking, digital advertising, game advertising, media, local media, magazines, mobile, newspapers, native advertising, connected television, radio, programmatic, search engine […]

8 Dimensions of paid media PROMO

How to easily navigate online advertising – INFOGRAPHIC

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There are 8 dimensions in paid marketing or media if you prefer. Out of the 3 types of marketing – paid, owned and earned – paid is the only one that is in fact media or advertising.

2015 advertising in review

So, what in fact happened in 2015 advertising? How did we fare compared to what we predicted was going to happen?

What’s worst digital marketing mistake you can make?

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There are a million mistakes a brand can make when doing digital marketing and advertising. Many occur because of ignorance and the will to do it themselves, others happen despite best efforts because digital marketing can be at times complex and complicated.