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Top 5 digital marketing trends for 2015

Having analyzed those predictions from many tens of such experts in digital marketing alone, each with their own very own specialization, I can with confidence present to you what I believe will be the top 5 digital marketing trends to watch in 2015.

How much does location matter in mobile?

Location matters in mobile advertising. Everybody knows that, but how much does location matter in mobile? That’s a question up for debate. Ask anyone in the industry and you will receive very different answers to that question.

Online GRP, here now? How?

Whenever I’m teaching a group on digital media and start exploring pricing models or measurement and get to the CPP or online GRPs, I always get asked, “what’s a point?” or “what’s a online GRP?”

Context is not just screens

Context is not just screens. “Context” includes much more than screens. What most people call screens, I call platforms. They are one of 3 dimensions of my model that are relevant to “context”: platforms, environments and targeting.

Mobile is here now, are you?

This is it! Mobile is here! The year of mobile! Yeah yeah, I know, for the 8th year in a row (or more).

Mobile marketing doesn’t matter

What’s mobile? It is a very vague term encompassing a ton of portable marketing possibilities, or does it?

Mobile marketing in Canada in 2014

Last December 4th took place a half day training session on mobile marketing. I performed this on behalf of IAB Canada. This article briefly summarises the highlights of that training. Mobile marketing in context Mobile marketing in Canada is not so different from overall digital marketing, as digital marketing can be from traditional marketing. What […]