6 Modern digital marketing myths

Today we still have to contend with myths. Let’s put a few of these new modern digital marketing myths to light now.


6 persistent digital advertising myths (10 years later)

I used to do a presentation back in 2004-06 titled “10 Digital Advertising Myths” and wondered how much had really changed.

Top 5 digital marketing trends for 2015

Having analyzed those predictions from many tens of such experts in digital marketing alone, each with their own very own specialization, I can with confidence present to you what I believe will be the top 5 digital marketing trends to watch in 2015.

Online GRP, here now? How?

Whenever I’m teaching a group on digital media and start exploring pricing models or measurement and get to the CPP or online GRPs, I always get asked, “what’s a point?” or “what’s a online GRP?”

What are advanced media pricing models?

This post will address these more advanced media pricing models.

Digital media pricing models explained

Digital media pricing models mimic offline pricing models to a large extent

You don’t have the right objective

In digital, that objective will be a variant of one of these three objective types: 1- branding-awareness (association, appreciation), 2- branding-persuasion (engagement , interactive, intent to buy, consumer attitudes and brand attributes) or 3- direct response (sales, conversions, leads, sign ups, downloads…).

Required Ad Tech knowledge for digital media sellers

This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series Media Sales Tech

Do you work in media sales, or more specifically in digital media sales? Whether it is your sole responsibility or part of it, you need a minimum amount of knowledge about the ad tech your company employs and that which your competitors and clients use. You also need an understanding of the other marketing related technologies, systems and tools used by your company, competition and clients to fully understand the opportunities at your fingertips and how clients really track what they measure.