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2018 mobile predictions

2018 Mobile Predictions

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Is 2018 the year of mobile? Just kidding, that’s now very far behind us even if it isn’t every business that has yet to get up to speed where mobile is concerned.  What 2018 mobile predictions are you hoping will actually come to pass? Check out below for many 2018 mobile predictions. 2018 PREDICTIONS 2018 […]

2017 Marketing Predictions

2017 Marketing Predictions

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series 2017 Predictions

What are the 2017 predictions in marketing? More specifically, what will happen with content marketing, data & analytics, influence marketing, location-based marketing, marketing trends, and mobile marketing? 2017 Predictions 2017 predictions are divided into 3 posts this week: 2017 in general(Monday) Marketing predictions (Tuesday) Ad Spend (Wednesday) Advertising (Thursday) Technology (Friday) Content marketing Online paid content […]

How much does location matter in mobile?

Location matters in mobile advertising. Everybody knows that, but how much does location matter in mobile? That’s a question up for debate. Ask anyone in the industry and you will receive very different answers to that question.