Display Advertising

How to increase your ad viewability rates

Ad viewability has been the buzz this past year. This topic often gets confused or bundled with the topic of display advertising fraud. You’ve undoubtedly read articles relating very high non-viewability indicating nearly half of your ad dollars are actually wasted – never seen by anyone.

Banner ads CAN perform

In order to perform, banner ads, of any size, need to be properly aligned in their 5 dimensions with the advertisers’ campaign objective and success metric – AND you need good creative to deliver the right message.

What are advanced media pricing models?

This post will address these more advanced media pricing models.

Digital media pricing models explained

Digital media pricing models mimic offline pricing models to a large extent

Home page takeover – guaranteed or not?

Have you ever bought or sold a home page takeover on a cost per day (CPD) basis? What are the parameters around such deals? Essentially here we are talking about the permanent positioning of one or all ad formats on a website’s home page for a calendar day.

Required RTB Tech knowledge for digital media sellers

This entry is part 5 of 8 in the series Media Sales Tech

This time we will explore another category of ad tech specifically tailored for the real-time bidding and programmatic media buying ecosystem: RTB Tech.

Required Ad Tech knowledge for digital media sellers

This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series Media Sales Tech

Do you work in media sales, or more specifically in digital media sales? Whether it is your sole responsibility or part of it, you need a minimum amount of knowledge about the ad tech your company employs and that which your competitors and clients use. You also need an understanding of the other marketing related technologies, systems and tools used by your company, competition and clients to fully understand the opportunities at your fingertips and how clients really track what they measure.