4 major trends for 2018 in marketing

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Bloggers, experts and media outlets present their 2018 predictions and major trends for 2018 around this time of year.

I’m no different as you know.

This year however, I opted for a two-pronged approach. I began with my usual predictions round-up (6 theme-based lists of predictions from a vast quantity of sources):

And today I am following up with what I believe are 4 majors trends for 2018 that come out of my analysis of over 122 predictions from 28 different sources, in French and English. I don’t just cut and paste these links, I read and analyze them.

This year I build a matrix to track predictions by discipline and tactics to pool individual predictions into major trends.

4 major trends pop out among the very many which all seem plausible. These 4 major trends for 2018 affect 6 marketing disciplines.

1- Customer journey

  • Marketers will spend a lot of their time in 2018 optimizing their understanding of their customer’s journey to refine their efforts at every step of the buying process.
  • This translates heavily into much more, and more consistent, marketing content including video.
  • Marketing strategy and audience targeting options at each step will be reviewed and refined.
  • There are also great concerns to review the customer experience with the entire brand, not just on the website.

2. Dominance of the video

  • Many experts predict that digital video will become the main source of information for users, will 2018 be the “year of video”?
  • As a result, it is predicted that marketers will put a lot of energy into offering more live streaming content, more interactive video as well as 360-video.
  • It is predicted that by 2018, brands will become broadcasters. For many, the jump into content marketing will be straight to video, skipping written content altogether!

3. AI & machine learning

  • You cannot spend a week without hearing someone talk about artificial intelligence or machine learning.
  • We hear it in our industry news and events, in general news, and even corporate corridors.
  • Montreal is positioning itself as a hub in the AI world just as it has for video games. We here in Montreal will continue to hear about it a lot. This further presents the opportunity to be among the first to test and use these new technologies.
  • More specifically, we are talking about using machine learning in marketing automation to constantly refine communications, as well as facial recognition.

4. Integration of various data sources

  • A problem with daily marketing routine is the overabundance of data, from multiple sources. And they are all important to gauge the success of our marketing efforts and our business in general.
  • Many predict an integration of various data systems to simplify their management and interpretation in 2018.
  • Coupled with machine learning, the integration of data sources could save a lot of time for decision-makers at all levels.

What do you think of these 4 major trends for 2018? Is there something else you believe I’ve missed? Let me know.

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