Industry events not to miss in May

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industry events mayWondering which industry events your should not miss in May? Here the most of the events coming up this month you may not know about, or have forgotten to buy your tickets for!

60+ major events and training sessions in marketing, communications and digital advertising in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Chicaco, Vancouver and elsewhere throughout May.

Please note that events held in French are written in French.

May 2:

May 3:

May 4:

May 5:

May 6:

May 7:

May 10:

May 11:

May 12:

May 13:

May 16:

May 17:

May 18:

May 19:

May 20:

May 24:

May 25:

May 26:

May 31:

Check out all upcoming events here: Titan Interactive’s Industry Events Calendar

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