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Industry events not to miss in May

60+ major events and training sessions in marketing, communications and digital advertising in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Chicaco, Vancouver and elsewhere throughout May.

8 Dimensions of paid media PROMO

How to easily navigate online advertising – INFOGRAPHIC

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Dimensions of POE

There are 8 dimensions in paid marketing or media if you prefer. Out of the 3 types of marketing – paid, owned and earned – paid is the only one that is in fact media or advertising.

Hard Rock Cafe Florence

My sister visited Florence in the 1990s and brought back a t-shirt for my collection. However, back then, the Hard Rock Cafe Florence was not an official Hard Rock Cafe (there are a few of those). It has since closed and a real one now resides in the city.

20 Dimensions of paid, owned & earned marketing

20 dimensions of paid, owned & earned marketing

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Dimensions of POE

You have undoubtable heard or read about paid, owned & earned marketing over the past few years. I’ve published on this topic quite a few times in 2011 (Paid Marketing, Owned Marketing) and earlier last year.

Industry events not to miss in April

Wondering which industry events your should not miss in April? Here the most of the events coming up this month you may not know about, or have forgotten to buy your tickets for!