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Programmatic - problematic for publishers

Programmatic – problematic for publishers

Media bought programmatically, or in an automated way is now unavoidable for most advertising agencies and advertisers. It is also part of the publisher’s landscape to some extent. Are there only benefits to programmatic buying? No, there are actually quite a few serious problems that face publishers specifically.

HRC Detroit

Hard Rock Cafe Detroit

The Hard Rock Cafe Detroit looks like a garage, as an hommage to garage bands. Much of the decor is centered on Kiss but there’s also a lot of David Bowie, Alice Cooper and Stevie Wonder.

Is ad targeting dependent on campaign objective?

Does ad targeting depend on your campaign’s objective? You may have seen my recent post on KPIs depending on your campaign’s objective. Can we make the same case for ad targeting as we made for KPIs? Campaign objectives As I wrote in my previous blog post, campaign objectives, in the digital world come in three […]

Industry events not to miss in March

Wondering which industry events your should not miss in March? Here the most of the events coming up this month you may not know about, or have forgotten to buy your tickets for!