Social Media is disrupting the way television is planned

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SeevibesAre you on Facebook or Twitter while watching TV? Are you sharing comments about the program you’re watching or reading other people’s commentary?  Have you ever searched for any brand information while watching television? How about your friends, family and colleagues? Is social media disruption the way television is planned and bought?

20 million Canadians are regular Facebook users. 7 million Canadians are regular Twitter users. Are you among them?

On January 19th, IAB Canada is putting on its X-Series: Metrics conference in Montreal and Pablo Gerstenfeld, Director, Research & Analytics, Seevibes will present compelling data on our social behaviour around our TV viewing.

X-Series Metrics

It’s a fact; television is one of the most talked about subjects in social media. Capturing and harnessing the enriched social data around these conversations is a key variable when planning and buying TV. It’s basically the only proof of engagement with a television property. Pablo will explore data availability, and it is available, and how the enrichment process can deliver empirical units of TV performance. He will help you understand the interests and consumption habits of the Social TV audience provide through actionable insights that can be empirically measured against sound KPIs.

Is your brand active on social media while it is present on-air? Imagine the engagement you could generate by doing so while your brand is integrated into specific TV programming. Your brand could be the one steering the conversation, benefiting from it as opposed to just (maybe) responding to it after the fact.

You can register for the X-Series Metrics Montreal event here.

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