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My Top 10 Hard Rock Cafe posts so far (2015 edition)

These are the top 10 Hard Rock Cafe posts on this blog so far (up to December 31st, 2014) according to their popularity (page views)

Top 5 digital marketing trends for 2015

Having analyzed those predictions from many tens of such experts in digital marketing alone, each with their own very own specialization, I can with confidence present to you what I believe will be the top 5 digital marketing trends to watch in 2015.

2014 Reviewed by experts, 307 experts

Every year, I assemble here what experts from around the web have published as their 2014 reviews.

Top 10

Top 10 from 2014 on this blog

Here are the top 10 articles published in 2014 on my blog, according to their readership, in case you missed any of them.

How has media time spent changed in Canada in 2014?

How has media time spent changed in Canada in 2014? IAB Canada’s Canadian Media Usage Trends Study (CMUST) is the only Canadian study crossing all major media and combining each channel’s research audience currency of record, five currencies in all.

Social Media is disrupting the way television is planned

Are you on Facebook or Twitter while watching TV? Are you sharing comments about the program you’re watching or reading other people’s commentary? Have you ever searched for any brand information while watching television? How about your friends, family and colleagues? Is social media disruption the way television is planned and bought?

How to increase your ad viewability rates

Ad viewability has been the buzz this past year. This topic often gets confused or bundled with the topic of display advertising fraud. You’ve undoubtedly read articles relating very high non-viewability indicating nearly half of your ad dollars are actually wasted – never seen by anyone.

My Hard Rock Cafe World Tour – 2014

I have personally visited 38 Hard Rock Cafe locations. My latest 2 were Hard Rock Casino Vancouver and Hard Rock Cafe Munich.