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Online GRP, here now? How?

Whenever I’m teaching a group on digital media and start exploring pricing models or measurement and get to the CPP or online GRPs, I always get asked, “what’s a point?” or “what’s a online GRP?”

Hard Rock Cafe Munich 2014

This past summer my family and I visited Austria and southern Germany. While on this trip we twice visited and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe Munich.

Will you be at The Art of Marketing next week?

This conference however, the Art of Marketing, is one I’ve wanted to attend for many years however have never been able to for any number of reasons – usually though I was out of town whenever it occurred.

9 reasons to do custom training with me

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Custom training

What might not be clear for you is why you should hire me to do custom training for your team. Here are 9 reasons why I’m probably a good fit.

Which targeting option is good for which campaign objective?

Targeting options, there are a great many of them. Have you ever considered whether or not one option was even appropriate for a particular campaign objective?