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A few weeks back I wrote a few articles about technologies that digital media sales people need to know about. They covered marketing tech, ad tech and real time bidding tech.

A few “offline” conversations since then have made me acutely aware that there are many more “techs” to be covered for sales people as there are a lot of tools out there that can either save you time, or allow you to impress your clients more.

Presentation tech

If you work in sales you know all about PowerPoint and Keynote to create your presentations. You many also have heard or been exposed to Prezi which while mostly web based also has a desktop or local version. Prezi presentations are much more dynamic, creative and fluid making them much more impressive for your audience. You will need some time to get a handle of it, but that time investment will pay off as very few sales people bother to go this extra mile.

Presentation tech goes beyond the simple presentation document software and includes online live presentation solutions which enable you to share your screen with a client that you can’t meet in purpose either because of distance or timing.

These include the likes WebEx, GoToMeeting and many others which allow an account to host multiple live online presentations and can include online audio or connect to a conference line. These also can record your session so you can share it with a client of reference or with those who missed it. These are also great to host webinars.

The principal solutions in this field are Webex, GoToMeeting, AnyMeeting (free), Team Viewer and Adobe Connect.

Other somewhat similar solutions simply allow you to share your screen such as And others yet which you many already have set up such as Skype and Google+ Hangouts can not only allow for a video call, but screen sharing as well.

Principal solutions like this include Fuze,, ScreenLeap, Skype, Quick Screen Share and Google+ Hangouts.


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