A case to standardize behavioral data definitions

A case to standardize behavioral data definitions

If you’ve ever bothered to ask your sales rep, or if you’ve attended any of my digital marketing training in the past 5 years, you are aware that similarly-named behavioral data definitions vary wildly

standard web banner

Banner ads CAN perform

In order to perform, banner ads, of any size, need to be properly aligned in their 5 dimensions with the advertisers’ campaign objective and success metric – AND you need good creative to deliver the right message.

40 new events added to my industry calendar

40 new events added to my industry calendar

Did you know that I maintain a digital marketing communications events calendar on my site?

Samuel Parent

What can I do for you?

I can help you understand any and all digital marketing communications disciplines and tactics.

digital media pricing models

What are advanced media pricing models?

This post will address these more advanced media pricing models.

Digital Media Sales Certification

Does your media sales team need digital training?

Do you work in traditional or digital media sales? Are there still any traditional-only media sales teams out there? Besides out of home that is? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this post is for you.

digital media pricing models

Offline media pricing models explained

Offline media pricing models are quite limited. Each individual media offers up to four possible models.